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Bare Minimum Marketing is now live!

So… you own your own business. And it’s awesome, because you get to control your own schedule. You can take vacation when you need to, and get things done during business hours. You don’t have anyone telling you how to do your job. You’re in control of what you do, and in control of your own income. When you work harder, you get paid more.

Except.. that’s not fully true. When you have prospects, you can work hard and do what they need and make them happy to pay you. But sometimes you’re sitting around doing nothing (except worrying about the fact that a slow day means you might not be able to cover rent next week).

The obvious solution is to spend that time working on finding more prospects. If business is slow, then you need to be marketing.

But what does that actually mean? It’s easy to say, but kinds of things should you be doing? The stuff that comes to mind — cold calling random people or knocking on random doors, spending several thousand dollars on an advertisement, or attending more networking meetings where you can stuff your business card into someone’s hand — all sound repugnant to you. There’s got to be a better way. But what, specifically, is it? No one seems to know.

Sound familiar? That’s what Bare Minimum Marketing is for. To help you figure out what you could be doing on those slow days — to help you create a to-do list that will help you STOP having slow days. With specific things on it, that you can actually figure out how to do.

Starting today, you can pre-order Bare Minimum Marketing at Indiegogo . For much less than the cost of a single ad, you can have a manual that will help you get a marketing program up and running for your business.

Wondering what’s inside? Download the first chapter and try it out for yourself.

Want to help out? Spread the word. If you know someone else who can relate to the slow-days-sitting-around-worrying problem, let them know. Send them the first chapter. Point them to the campaign page.

As always, send me your thoughts and feedback. And thank you for taking the time to help make Bare Minimum Marketing a reality.