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Bare Minimum Marketing Plan

Why create a marketing plan?

I recommend that you create a marketing plan even if you have no intention of working on your marketing right now. Even businesses that think they have no marketing at all can (and should) have a marketing plan on file. Why?

1) It helps you stay organized
It’s hard to improve something when you’re not really sure of its current status. By writing everything down, you get it out where you can see it.

2) It helps convince others of your competence.
If you decide you want to try for a bank loan, a marketing plan — even this bare minimum marketing plan — will help convince them of your competence. Don’t intend to go to the bank? It still helps reassure friends or family members. Or anyone who’s considering a joint venture. Or a landlord who’s not convinced you can make your rent each month.

3) It helps convince you of your competence
It can also be reassuring to you. Self-employment is lonely and scary sometimes, and sometimes you’ll feel like you’re in over your head and have no idea what you were doing and wonder what the hell you were thinking when you thought you could do this. At those times, having something written down can be very soothing.

4) It helps keep you on track
If you have a day when you have nothing to do, clearly you should spend it doing marketing. But what does that actually mean? What specific actions should you take? A marketing plan — even this bare minimum marketing plan — can help you answer that question.

5) It helps you to get started
When you do decide you want to get going on making your marketing better, it’s much easier to revise an essay than to write one. It’s easier to improve something than to create it from scratch. The hardest part of anything is usually just getting started.

What I have for you is a template for creating your current marketing plan. It’s easy, it’s straightforward, and it only covers a few pages. But once you’ve got that done, it’ll be easier to do the more advanced work to create a fully functional marketing plan.

Download the Marketing Plan Template
In PDF format, for printing: Assembling a Marketing Plan
In Word format, for typing: Assembling a Marketing Plan