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Recommended Reading

We have a finalized listing of what will be included in the $1000 perk. This is my list of high-priority reading for anyone who’s trying to get better results from their small business. Top 3: The truly essential Permission Marketing #1 on the list has to be Permission Marketing, from Seth Godin. Why? Because the […]

Bare Minimum Marketing is now live!

So… you own your own business. And it’s awesome, because you get to control your own schedule. You can take vacation when you need to, and get things done during business hours. You don’t have anyone telling you how to do your job. You’re in control of what you do, and in control of your […]

Look inside Bare Minimum Marketing

When I conceived of Bare Minimum Marketing, my vision was to create a resource to help small business owners who don’t have a lot of marketing background or training. That meant presenting not just concepts, or What You Need To Change, but providing an overview of everything marketing is, and step-by-step ideas for making marketing […]

Crowdfunding Details Worked Out

Bare Minimum Marketing launches on on Monday, September 24th! Indiegogo is a crowdfunding site, similar to Kickstarter, but with wider scope. It allows for greater flexibility both in project type, and in rewards that I can offer you. I encourage you to go check out the site – you can see a list of […]

Delays and Difficulties

As you may know, puts certain limitations on the kinds of projects they’ll allow you to fund through their site, and therefore each project is reviewed before it goes live. I submitted Bare Minimum Marketing last week, for them to verify its compliance with Kickstarter terms. Since I was careful to read the Project […]

Mark Your Calendars!

We’re almost there! I’ve submitted all my information to Kickstarter and Amazon, and the project should be live within the next week. At that point, you’ll be able to donate money to pre-order the book or get any of the other awesome rewards. Some final details: Budget I’ve spent a lot of time recently talking […]

Why can’t I get an instruction book that tells me what to do?

Recently, Naomi Dunford sent out a query to her email list (which, if you are a small business owner, you should be subscribed to. You should also be reading her blog, though you’ll have to ignore her potty mouth) discussing the Amazon reviews for The $100 Startup. Quoth she: Anyway, it seems that other than […]

Introducing Counterpoint Design!

Exciting news! We have finalized with the graphic designer, and we will be able to offer a Branding Package reward level for high-level backers! Counterpoint Design is a graphics design company local to Denver, Colorado. I’ve worked with the lead designer, Kathy Walker, and love the work she’s done for me. In addition to wonderful […]