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Small Business Marketing problems #5: lack of Message

OK, so you’ve got yourself a plan. You know what you’re selling, and at what price, and you know how to get it to the customers (or vice-versa). You think you have a pretty good idea of why people should care about what you’re selling. And you’re starting to build yourself a platform of people […]

Problems in Small Business Marketing 4: Lack of Plan

If you had a week with nothing scheduled, nothing to do, what’s the most important thing you could spend your time on to improve your business’ marketing? What if you had 2 hours to spare? What kind of marketing project could you knock off in that time? What if you had 5 minutes to spare? […]

Problems in Small Business Marketing 3: Lack of Time

The biggest challenge small business owners face in most any problem is lack of time. After all, you’re in charge of doing anything that needs to be done, and there are only 24 hours in a day. There’s always more things you could be doing, and feel like you should be doing. So odds are […]

Problems of Small Business Marketing 2: Lack of Money

It’s the greatest irony in marketing: you know that buying ads usually brings in business. It usually brings in more revenue than it cost you to run the ad. But that doesn’t change one simple fact: You don’t have $1000 to spare. Many a small business owner has done some research on the cost of […]

Problems faced by small business marketers

(1) Lack of Knowledge Let’s face it: small business owners have it rough. Usually you know how to do some aspect of your business really well, but that’s not enough, when you’re self-employed. Owners of microbusinesses have to be able to do it all really well. Sales. Finance. Logistics. Operations. Marketing. I’m only going to […]

Bitch Session Marketing: Getting started in Social Media

Mitch Joel wrote a great post a while ago about offer fatigue: the feeling you get when you’re sick of a company sending you emails — even when those emails contain great deals. The best way to prevent offer fatigue in your customers is to make sure that every email you send, every link you […]

This is a great ad

This is one of the advertisement in the current cycle of ads on my Kindle… Normally, ads aren’t supposed to have much text. People won’t sit and read a full paragraph, and especially not in print that small. 6-10 words is the recommended limit for ads, and indeed, most of the ads on my Kindle […]

Target Market: Getting to Know Them

If you’ve been following along at home, you now know why you want a target market and how to select a target market segment. The next step is to get acquainted with your target customers, as intimately as possible. Things you might want to know Where your customers hang out. Where they work. Where they […]

Target Market: Segmentation

In an ideal world, you would be able to make your product so that every single customer would get exactly what they want. But making a whole different product for every single customer is expensive, and except for a few high-end clients, it’s not profitable. (Although it’s getting cheaper with the advent of computers to […]

Target Market: Who are your clients?

Target Market is a technical term from marketing, but it means basically what you’d think: what is the group of people (the market) that you’re aiming at (targeting)? But why should I have a target market at all? Shouldn’t I aim for as many customers as possible? Basically, the short answer is that you can’t […]