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Category Archives: Marketing Lessons

And Then What?

A friend of mine recently went through a spiritual program designed to help him figure out his relationship with the universe and everything in it. In phase one, he was supposed to just do things — anything that came into his head — and see what happened. This phase came naturally to him. But in […]

What Marketing is Not

We recently covered what marketing is. But there are a lot of myths and misconceptions about marketing out there. So let’s look, briefly, at what marketing is not. Marketing is not Sales We’ve talked about this before.The sales and marketing departments are usually connected, and sales is an important part of any marketing program. But […]

Marketing vs Sales

In most corporations, the marketing and sales departments are rolled into one, or are at least closely-related departments. So for anyone outside the department, it’s easy to think of them as equivalent, and use them interchangeably. And they are related concepts, no doubt. Sales is an important part of any marketing program, and good marketing […]