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Delays and Difficulties

As you may know, puts certain limitations on the kinds of projects they’ll allow you to fund through their site, and therefore each project is reviewed before it goes live. I submitted Bare Minimum Marketing last week, for them to verify its compliance with Kickstarter terms.

Since I was careful to read the Project Guidelines, I was surprised to get an email this morning from Kickstarter that said that my project, Bare Minimum Marketing, had been declined.

Unfortunately, this project does not meet our guidelines. This isn’t a judgment on the quality of this project, just a reflection of our focus.

We wish you the best as you continue to pursue this endeavor. If you have future projects that meet our focus, we hope you’ll consider Kickstarter again.


If you feel that your project meets the Kickstarter Project Guidelines, you can submit an appeal for reconsideration.

Since the email from Kickstarter doesn’t specify which guidelines the project doesn’t meet, I’m only guessing as to the reason. But in re-reviewing the guidelines, the I-want-the-whole-library Level and the my-logo-could-use-some-work level may violate the “Rewards not directly produced by the project or its creator (no offering things from the garage, repackaged existing products, weekends at the resort, etc)” rule (which had gotten stored in my memory, upon my initial reading, as the “No Crappy Rewards” rule).

So I will be appealing to Kickstarter to determine what changes need to be made. It seems most likely that some of the backer rewards will need to be modified. I’ll keep you posted as I learn more.