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Sample Chapter

The first chapter of Bare Minimum Marketing is now available for download.

This chapter provides an overview of marketing: What it is. Why it’s bigger than you think (which explains why you feel so overwhelmed whenever you try to get started on it). The things you need to think about it before you can figure out advertising and promotion.

It also has exercises to get you started on creating your own marketing plan, right now.

Reading on an iPad or computer? This is a standard PDF for your reading enjoyment.

Reading on a Kindle or smaller tablet? This PDF is large-print, for easy reading on small screens.

Please connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, or Google Plus and let me know what you think. Is it too basic? Too difficult? Are the exercises too much? Too little? Do you want more details or to cover more information? Only you can help make this book as good as possible!

(And if you enjoy getting sneak peeks, you can get the whole book ahead of time, and provide feedback on every chapter, if you contribute at least $100 to the Indiegogo Campaign.)