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Mark Your Calendars!

We’re almost there! I’ve submitted all my information to Kickstarter and Amazon, and the project should be live within the next week. At that point, you’ll be able to donate money to pre-order the book or get any of the other awesome rewards.

Some final details:


A pie chart showing the costs associated with publishing a paperback book.I’ve spent a lot of time recently talking to publishers, copy editors, graphic designers, and layout designers, trying to get a good grasp on the costs of publishing a book. And what I’ve learned is that almost all of the costs are associated with the paper-and-ink part of the process. Graphic design, layout, materials costs… all of those go away if you’re making an ebook. (Which makes the publishing industry’s hesitation to switch over to e-formats somewhat baffling).

But the long and the short of it is that it would cost me about $10,000 to publish a traditional, printed, dead-tree book. That’s the minimum required to be sure I can afford the editing, the design, the actual printing, and still get rewards out to all of you guys. I might make profit at that level and I might not – it depends on how conservative my estimates turn out to be.

On the other hand, if I only create an ebook, I can do that for a little over $3,000. Pie chart showing the cost breakdown for the publication of an ebook

Now I know that some people much prefer to hold the book in their hands — it’s a more comfortable experience, and it makes it much easier to lend books out to friends. So I would prefer to offer the book in both formats, and allow people to read however they like. But that does, as you can see, tremendously increase the minimum amount required.

So I decided to put the question out to you. This, then, is the final budget:

    As long as the pledges pass $3,100, the project will go forward. I will write the book and publish it in Kindle, Nook, and iPad formats. All rewards levels remain the same, except for the lack of print books.

    If the pledges pass $10,000, then I will publish the paperback version as well. Everyone who pledged $25+ will receive a copy of that book in addition to their other rewards.

Rewards Levels

And those awesome rewards are:

    If you pledge $10 or more (the Ooh-Sign-Me-Up Level):

      You get a copy of the ebook, as soon as it’s ready. (A little before it becomes generally available)

    If you pledge $25 or more (the I’m-Gonna-Need-A-Highlighter Level):

      You get a print copy of the book (a little before it becomes generally available), assuming the project receives enough money to fund a paper-and-ink publishing. Either way, you’ll get the ebook.

    If you pledge $50 or more (the I-Don’t-Have-Time-To-Read Level):

      You get the audiobook download (A little before it becomes generally available), as well as the other stuff.

    If you pledge $100 or more (the Trusted-Adviser Level):

      You get sneak previews of each chapter as it’s written, with a chance to contribute your ideas, advice, and stories to the final product (as well as all the other stuff)

    If you pledge $250 or more (the I-Need-111-Ideas Level):

      You get an hour-long brainstorming session, on the topic of your choice, with my own, personal brainstorming team. They’re the people that came up with my title, and these rewards, and the concept for my video, so you know they’re good. (Plus all the other stuff)
      (Since my brainstorming team do have lives, this reward will be limited to the first 5 people who pledge $250+)

    If you pledge $1000 or more (the But-I-Want-The-Whole-Library Level):

      You get a copy of each book that I recommend as a useful resource to complement Bare Minimum Marketing, including Seth Godin’s Permission Marketing, Chris Guillebeau’s $100 Startup, and Jay Conrad Levinson’s Guerrilla Marketing. (Plus all the other stuff) (Except the brainstorming, if you’re not in the first 5)

    If you pledge $2500 or more (the Uh-Sounds-Awesome-But-Scary Level):

      You get my assistance, via email and Skype, in implementing Bare Minimum Marketing for your business. (Plus all the other stuff (plus or minus brainstorming))

    If you pledge $3000(the Yeah-My-Logo-Could-Use-Some-Work Level):

      You get a professional graphics designer to create for you a logo, a basic website template (or a discount off their usual price for a more complex website), and your choice of a poster OR a direct mail postcard OR a brochure OR letterhead. You’ll receive everything in digital format to use however you’d like, including several sizes and resolutions of your logo for use in high-definition printing or quick-load websites.

    If you pledge $5000 or more:

      You get the professional graphics design and the assistance with implementing your marketing (plus all the other stuff).


You should be able to donate by August 15th or sooner. The project will close on Monday, September 17th. Your early support is appreciated.

What you can do

If you’d like to be in early, sign up for the email newsletter. I’ll send a link to the Kickstarter campaign as soon as it’s live.

Don’t have much to donate? Even a dollar is appreciated, but you can also help out enormously by sharing with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, the local bar, or wherever else you go to hang out with your friends.