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Problems faced by small business marketers

(1) Lack of Knowledge

Let’s face it: small business owners have it rough. Usually you know how to do some aspect of your business really well, but that’s not enough, when you’re self-employed. Owners of microbusinesses have to be able to do it all really well. Sales. Finance. Logistics. Operations. Marketing.

I’m only going to help you with one of those.

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But I thought it might be helpful to look at the problems small businesses face. Why is marketing so difficult?

The biggest reason is that it’s never covered. The basics of finance are usually covered somewhere in your education: you know how to do math, and balance a checkbook, and either a teacher or a parent has discussed the crucial “Income > Outgo” formula with you. The basics of your logistics and operations you learned when you were first entering this industry. But marketing doesn’t really get covered anywhere except business school, and so very, very many small business owners have no idea how to get started.

So over the next couple of weeks, I’m going to discuss assorted problems small businesses face, and some ideas for getting around them. Feel free to write me with the problems YOU face, and I’ll add them into the list.