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Promotional Cost-Benefit Analysis

What promotional methods could you use?
What promotional methods should you use?

It’s an overwhelming question, and it’s easy to get frustrated and just give up.

As is normally the case when you’re overwhelmed, the trick is to take it one at a time. No one’s asking you to create an entire promotional plan overnight. (Well, actually, you might be asking that of yourself. Sometimes being self-employed means you have the worst boss in the world. Tell the boss part of you to shut up and let the competent part of you do your thing.) Try out one new promotional method. See how it goes. See what your conversion rates are. Then you can keep messing with that one or try out another one.

But where do you start? That’s where this sheet comes in.

It has some ideas for what kinds of methods you might consider:
Newsletter, Facebook, Twitter... Leads groups, conferences...

It has everything you need to find in order to calculate cost-per-conversion.

It does the math for you…

And highlights the promotional methods with the best estimated return for your time and money.

Ready to get started?
Download your own:
Promotional Cost-Benefit.xls

This spreadsheet is a resource intended to accompany my upcoming book, which will be launched on Indiegogo in September. You can take a look inside or sign up for updates on the project.